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  1. Riverbottom Nightmare Band - Video with Background Story
  2. The Knitting Factory, Hollywood CA 2008
        Some Highlights...
    -Seth throwing a mic stand into the crowd
    -Mike ripping it up
    -Seth lassos (?!?!) a random fan with the mic
  3. AxCx 2009 Line-up at 1st Practice - January 25, 2009
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Riverbottom Nightmare Band -
Featuring The Nightmare performing Anal Cunt 's version from "Another EP."

The Story Behind Anal Cunt Doing this Song...
I saw this show, Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas, on TV when it first came out in 1977.  I thought the show sucked, except for the Riverbottom guys (the Muppets always had good bad-guys).  When The Nightmare did this song at the end of the show, I thought it was wicked heavy and always put up with watching the entire boring show just to see the cool ending every year. 

In 1989, after taking a few years off from watching it, I saw it again and waited for the usual.  I immediately re-wrote the song (in my head), and told original guitarist and drummer, Mike Mahan and Tim Morse, that I thought it would be awesome for Anal Cunt to cover, and they agreed.  I didn't have a VCR back then, so I basically re-wrote the song and the lyrics from memory.  We learned it right away and recorded it in January of 1990 for our fourth record called, "Another EP," which was the final release featuring the original Anal Cunt line-up.

From the very beginning It was hugely popular with anyone who was familiar with the song, and we often got requests to play it live, which Anal Cunt continued to do until 1994/5.

Then in 2008, at every show during our 20th Anniversary Reunion, featuring the original line-up from 1988-1990, Anal Cunt closed every show with our version of "Riverbottom Nightmare Band," complete with Seth doing the intro that the fox did on the show (...or whatever that Muppet was.  On "Another EP" I said that it was "the frog guy with the sandwich and the Guy Lombardo" that did the intro...I remembered it wrong.)

This song totally RULES!!!  Some fan made this video and posted it on You Tube here: Riverbottom Nightmare Band You Tube Video 

I still love the original version to this day, and our version too.  We re-recorded this song in 2008 on our 110 Song CD, available for limited edition purchase
in our Merchandise area.

"We usually don't have any last minute entries, but this band came all the way from's the rock band, The Nightmare..."

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AxCx (w/Original Line-up) at The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA - August 2008

This was the first show of the 2008 West Coast 20th Anniversary Show featuring Seth, Mike, and Tim from the Original was total mayhem...and TOTALLY FUN!

Check out some of the highlights from the show that kicked off this brutal and long-awaited tour....


Seth kicks off the show by telling the crowd what real blurcore is...

throws a mic stand into the crowd...

Mike rips up the stage...

Seth bludgeons a random fan with the mic....


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AxCx 2009 Line-up at 1st Practice - January 25, 2009

This is truly the band at its finest kids, featuring the combined brutality of the 3 longest-running Anal Cunt members -
Seth Putnam, Josh Martin, and Tim Morse.  Here they are practicing for the WEARING OUT OUR WELCOME 2009 TOUR and playing together for the FIRST TIME EVER! 


"Body by Auschwitz"
"I Like Drugs and Child Abuse"
"I Paid Jim Howell to Rape You"

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Written by Seth Putnam
Copyright © 2008  [Wicked Sick Records].
All rights reserved.

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